Painting Tulips in Acrylics



What is included:

  • Video 90 minutes
  • Supply list
  • Reference photos

In this video, acclaimed artist Marianne Broome, explains her techniques for painting tulips in acrylics as she demonstrates the complete painting.

You will pick up lots of tips as she takes you through the materials, paint colors, blending for petals, leaves and background. The wealth of information provided will help you with all of your flower paintings

To paint along, using the reference photos provided, simply pause and restart to go at your own pace.

Note: This is a large .MP4 video file download. You will not receive a physical DVD.

You are a Master Painter, Marianne!  I watched in amazement as the tulips come alive with your every brushstroke.  I appreciate how you add in valuable comments or pointers, as you are painting such as specifying the colour you are using, whether it should be warmer or cooler tone etc. Helen Ting



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